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The following are some frequently asked questions that we commonly see in our emails, comments, and messages. If you do not find an answer below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Table of contents

Pom-pom bunnies

Do you have instructions on how to make pom-pom bunnies or the bunny wreath?

We roughly followed the HGTV article "No Bunny Wants a Plain Door for Easter" for basic supplies to make our pom-pom bunny wreath but created our own style of pom-pom bunnies. The HGTV article is a great alternative if you would like to make your own bunny wreath until we release our own tutorials!

Are your individual pom-pom bunnies available for purchase?

Yes, please see our Pom Pom Bunnies store section. We may also open up for limited commissions for custom patterns in the future.

Do you sell the patterns to make the pom-pom bunnies?

Yes, please see our digital listings in our Pom Pom Bunnies store section or on our Ko-fi shop.

What materials do you use for your pom-pom bunnies?

We use a pom pom maker, 100% acrylic medium-weight yarn, felt, waxed thread, hot glue, and a sharp pair of fabric scissors to make our pom-pom bunnies.

Vinyl signs, stickers, and decals

Can I display your vinyl products outside?

Yes, most of our vinyl products including our aluminum signs, printed vinyl stickers, and die-cut vinyl decals are appropriate for outdoor usage.

Our aluminum signs with vinyl and die-cut vinyl decals are rated to up to 6 years outdoors, with the lifespan varying due placement and weather conditions. Our printed vinyl stickers are weatherproof and use a UV-resistant laminate that should be good to 3 to 5 years.

Can I put your vinyl stickers and decals on items that go in the dishwasher?

While our printed vinyl stickers are dishwasher-safe, we would only recommend gently hand-washing items with our die-cut vinyl decals. Fine details such as detached eyes, noses, and whiskers may be rubbed off or have loosened adhesive in a vigorous washing process. 

Enamel pins

What do the different pin grades mean?

All of our enamel pins are made by hand by third-party manufacturers. Some variation between pins of the same design should be expected, and no two pins will look identical.

  • Standard grade - Standard-grade pins are generally almost flawless. There may be small blemishes and imperfections that can be seen at a certain light or angle, but they should not be noticeable when casually viewed from a foot away.
  • Bag grade - Bag-grade pins may have noticeable blemishes such as small scratches, significantly uneven or under-filled enamel, and other markings on the metal. These pins are great for collectors that like to display their pins in heavily-used areas such as clothing and bags.

Custom work

Do you accept custom and personalized orders?

Yes, we can customize any item made by us or create a new design for personal use for a design fee. Current items that we make include the following:

  • Aluminum signs in white (6x9)
  • Aluminum signs in caution yellow (6x6, 6x9)
  • Printed magnets (any size)
  • Printed outdoor vinyl stickers (any size)
  • Die-cut vinyl decals (any size)
  • Laminated paper products (any size) - bookmarks, luggage tags, notecards
  • Folded cards (4.25x5.5, 5x7)
  • Prints (5x7, 8x10)
  • Indoor sticker sheets (up to 8x10 in size)
  • Pinback buttons (1.5", 1.75", 2.25")
  • Apparel (shirts, tanks, sweaters), PopSocket phone grips, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases, tote bags, and throw pillows on Amazon

For color customization, simply add a note with the vinyl color of your choice during your purchase. For other custom requests, please check out our Custom category or contact us at

Can you make a logo for my business?

No, we currently do not accept artwork commissions for commercial use.

Do you accept digital artwork commissions?

Yes, please see our Commissions page for details.

Do you sell your designs digitally for personal or commercial use?

No, we do not currently sell any digital versions or licenses of our designs for personal or commercial use to the general public. All artwork is reserved for exclusive SS Bunny Imports sales with the rare permitted exception for non-profits with credit. However, we are open to private commissions for personal use  contact us for more details.

Please respect our copyrights and refrain from copying, tracing, re-using, and re-posting our images and designs without our express permission.

If you see any of our designs on products or in artwork outside of our shop without credit, please report it to us at Thank you for the support.

Can I use your artwork for a tattoo?

Please contact us before using our artwork as a courtesy notice, but we are generally supportive of individual fans getting our designs as tattoos if they credit our shop wherever they post about it publicly.

Please do not use our artwork as regular commercial offerings in your tattoo shop.

I found your artwork/design on a product without credit in another shop. Is it an authorized use?

In most cases, no, these businesses have not been authorized to use our designs as we do not sell digital licenses for our artwork. We only allow the rare exceptions for non-profit organizations with credit.

Please contact us to inform us of the unauthorized use, and we will file appropriate legal notices to remove the product from their store. Usually, the artwork on their products are an inferior resolution or a poor trace of our product images as we do not release high-resolution or vector files for external use.

I really love your artwork. Can I use it as my profile/avatar image?

While we love that you love our artwork as much as we do, please do not use it in your personal icons as they are reserved exclusively for SS Bunny Imports commercial use. However, we are happy to complete a personal digital commission of your bunny that you are welcome to use instead!

Can I share your social media images on my own page/blog/website?

You are welcome to use the native sharing, re-blogging, and embedding capabilities of the social media sites we use, but please do not re-upload our images on your own profiles or pages without our express permission or without explicitly crediting and linking back to our shop under the image.


I do not live in the US. Do you accept international orders?

SS Bunny Imports is pleased to offer our products to anywhere around the world using USPS first class international mail. Please note that USPS only has full tracking internationally in select countries — most often tracking will only last until an international port in the US.

Please allow at least one to three weeks for delivery, or longer during holiday periods. Please note that the buyer is responsible for any additional customs fees, taxes, tariffs, or other duties incurred.

Where is my order?

All non-custom orders will be shipped within 3 weeks of date of payment from San Jose, CA, USA. Orders with custom items requiring proofs will generally be shipped within 3-4 weeks depending on proof approval turnaround. Generally, packages will be dropped off at the post office Monday to Friday.

All packages will be sent by USPS First-Class. Delivery confirmation is included for all shipped orders unless specified otherwise. Please note that USPS only has full tracking internationally in select countries — most often tracking will only last until an international port in the US.

For tracked packages, if the package appears to be stalled or has been marked delivered but you cannot find it, please contact your local post office first and ask if they can help locate your package. Sometimes orders may be marked delivered but show up a week later. Orders should also be scanned delivered with GPS coordinates — check if they look correct. If you still cannot find your order after it has been marked delivered, please contact us and let us know what you have tried already.

International orders with select products have the option of purchasing an untracked shipping method to keep costs down  no tracking number will be provided. Please only contact us about untracked orders after at least eight weeks have passed.


Do you accept returns and exchanges?

For standard items, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return or exchange the products. Please see our Returns & Exchanges page for details.

Custom orders may not be returned.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing on orders over 300 USD. Please contact us for more details and set up your account before placing your order.

Do you donate products to non-profit organizations?

Yes, if you are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit rabbit or animal rescue and would like some of our items for a fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help bunnies in need!