About us

SS Bunny Imports was started in 2014 out of an interest to spread more cute, fun, and silly bunny designs to the world! There have always been many novelty dog and cat signs and decals, but rabbits are constantly under-appreciated, and SS Bunny Imports hopes to change the situation.

While our original intention was to import bunny toys from the UK, the current incarnation of the shop consists of handmade decals and signs with materials sourced from the US and a few imported bunny-themed goods.

The store is currently based out of a residence in Cupertino, CA, USA, with five rescue rabbits, varying numbers of foster rabbits and kittens from the local rescues and shelters, and one fluffy white kitty that likes to think he’s a rabbit.


Other retail locations with SS Bunny Imports merchandise:


Rabbit rescues to which SS Bunny Imports has donated merchandise: