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Rabbit binky heart decal


SS Bunny Imports

  • $3.00


Product dimensions available:

  • 3" W x 2.65" H / 7.62 cm x 6.74 cm
  • 4" W x 3.54" H / 10.16 cm x 8.99 cm
  • 5" W x 4.42" H / 12.7 cm x 11.24 cm
  • 6" W x 5.31" H / 15.24 cm x 13.48 cm
  • 7" W x 6.19" H / 17.78 cm x 15.73 cm
  • 8" W x 7.08" H / 20.32 cm x 17.98 cm

If you would like this decal in a color different than the default color in the first image and not in the options, please add a note to seller with the vinyl color during your purchase. Available colors are listed in the last product photo.

Dark red areas in first listing photo are negative space on the sticker. Vinyl is rated for up to 6 years of outdoor durability and uses a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Graphics designed and cut in-house.

Please note that these stickers should not be used on walls as the permanent adhesive on the vinyl may pull paint off upon removal.

Artwork and design, Copyright © 2016 SS Bunny Imports. All rights reserved.

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